Dana Smith Shows
A Family Show

This is a show for all ages. It is a family show, circus arts, comedy, improvisational, audience interactive, it is suited to all generations. After decades of trial and error Dana has polished an act that he can present to all audiences, young audiences, and to his delight and surprise very young audiences.  

The show includes three club juggling, Chinese rhythm stick, diabolo, ball spinning, hat tricks, hand balancing stunts and other one of a kind feats and never before seen skills. 

After 38 years on stage he brings composure, instinct, and polish to his act. The show is funny, relaxed, and is also intended to showcase heart. Smith uses volunteers, children, men, women; everyone in the audience is a potential helper. Volunteers take chances, but always succeed. It is a show that breeds confidence, facilitates accomplishment, shares the stage, and always in those last moments of a show finds a way toward happy endings. 

Running times vary from anywhere between 20 minutes to 60 minutes.