Dana Smith Shows

The History

In 1974 I hitched my dreams to the legendary Royal Lichtenstein Quarter-Ring Sidewalk Circus. After a one year stint with the circus I packed my life into a pickup truck and barnstormed my one man act across the United States.

By 1980 I got off the road and joined a remarkable cast of street acts in San Francisco.

In 1993 with the arrival of our daughter the family moved south to rural Arizona. Two years later we landed on seventeen acres near Corvallis, Oregon.

I was playing festivals both as a performer and as an assistant producer. Essentially I was hired to help book and stage the variety acts. I was touring between Arizona and British Columbia providing a wide range of services to a roster of top international producers.

The new century was greeted with a new act. Her name was Lacey and she was my three year old Jack Russell Terrier. Together we played dates far and wide including the Oregon and Ohio State Fairs, and Tempe Festival of the Arts.

In 2001 I was awarded The Golden Finklini by the Edmonton International Street Performers Festival in recognition of my life in street style variety entertainment.

The one man traveling show life is as vast as the canvas it is painted upon. Examples include: directing a Canadian fire juggling extravaganza on the banks of the Milk River, performing in Osaka, Japan for 1990's World Exposition and at Fox Television where I appeared on the Tracey Ullman Show.

This year, 2013 dates have included Arizona's, Navajo County libraries, and then that was followed by a month Cancun, Mexico playing the resort stages. This is how a showman finds their way through time. This is the chronology of an ever evolving journey arriving at a place I call the heart driven show. What a ride...