Dana Smith Shows
Press Release
For Immediate Release

Dana Smith has been entertaining the world since 1974. The show is a mix of circus arts stunts and interactive audience participation routines all inventively presented by this veteran showman.

The act blends such diverse elements as Chinese rhythm stick, ball spinning, diabolo, hand-balancing, rollo-bollo, hat trick's, ukulele and other eccentric one of a kind amusements and entertainments.  His show has a captivating visual element blended with a lighthearted family friendly style.

In 1974 he landed his first big chance and hit the road with the Royal Lichtenstein Quarter Ring Sidewalk Circus. After a year as a sidekick on that show he decided to trade his second banana status for a real shot at what he describes as the small time. Smith focused on working the grassroots circuit, primarily touring regionally, sometimes nationally obtaining bookings in various venues such as state and county fairs, festivals, schools, library programs and a wide array of special corporate events. Since those early days and now thirty-five years later he has hardly had a chance to look back.

He has always found time to work in urban areas and present his show in what is often characterized as "street performance." After presenting thousands of urban street shows across all parts of North America he has earned a reputation as one of the most polished performers of this style. His dedication and affection for the "street" has earned him wide recognition and renowned the world over.

To his delight and with great honor in 2001 while he was performing at the Edmonton International Street Performer's Festival in Alberta, Canada he received the "Golden Finkel Award." This award is the crown jewel of his career and recognizes his contribution and dedication to street theater. He has been a regular on the rosters of the Ohio State Fair, Oregon State Fair, California Library circuit, and Tempe Festival of the Arts in Arizona.

He makes his home in San Francisco and has been presenting his show at Pier 39 since 1981. The life of a traveling entertainer is one that mixes live appearances with many types of audiences. Without wide media exposure the show remains a closely held secret. After some considerable years of practice a kind of timeless quality emerges, the stunts become polished and the presentation gets honed to precision. Get ready for fun. Be prepared to be surprised. This is a timeless art, an act for the ages, a one of a kind experience.