Golden Light of Dawn

Autumn Sunrise...fall colors in California sky
Autumn Sunrise...fall colors in California sky


     Back to work now. Weekend dashing south to Palm Springs and returning north late yesterday. Serious business this week. Final bite of the first 50 pages, and then a meet up with my editor to coordinate ideas on the final draft of the synopsis and then away we go…..I should have all my revisions done in a few hours. Had about 1100 miles to look out the windshield and think…lots of that happening.

     I can’t begin to calculate how many times I’ve edited the first 50 pages, but after having so many passes through this text with revisions made I’ve elected to pass through the first chapter of my second novel fast, revising just enough to bring it to life, but not grind and polish too much yet. No need to get too much into the weeds. The chances are 100% that much structural framework is in need of balancing and until the structural elements are firmly in place you can’t really polish something that is going to be tossed anyway. It is really just a shell to hold the content for now, add and delete as required and THEN go for the full on fine rewrite.

     That is what passes for thinking by this writer this morning.

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