We are in the mail… that is one submission

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The Little Boat that Could...


     Finally the first manuscript has been placed in the mail…this is a customized submission and included: specific header/page number spec’s, lines per page, font, font size…for the manuscript. It included synopsis, title page, letter of introduction, no paper clips, SASE back to me, and mailed flat not folded!!!!!

     Hoops……..lots of hoops…..

     On another note I have had my plotting of my second novel returned and it was shot full of big holes, especially in the second act, so to speak, there were not enough barriers or tests to present enough obstacles or power of ideas to be overcome to justify the transformation of the character from a mess into wanting not to be a mess, to overcoming his mess……..so I’ll go back and hack away at the middle which will alter both the start and finish. Got to get a blueprint worth writing… this isn’t the painting this is the idea of the composition.

     Oh, plotting is a different function than writing prose…you can hear the mind whirling different gears

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