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Something Old, Something New, Everythings Changed…

Reflections on Change


I have been buried in the writers cave. It has been putting me through the changes. Fortunately the changes it has been putting me through are about to change, and this is change this writer is going to use to revive the soul. I’d imagine there are millions of people the world over working in seclusion, under the watchful gaze of only their own self, and who might not feel so alone. Writing long fiction takes a long time. I began work on my latest novel, Bankrupt Heart in September 2009 when I began plotting, I began writing in March of 2010 and I am landing this book in late June of 2011. There is no substitute for the thrill of high risk work. Anyway, out I come. Wow, its the world, what’s changed?

From the Novel   Bankrupt Heart

“Rosalind’s two-tone magenta beaded dress was dramatic, strapless. Where she was buxom and
bursting were sewn fine beads and sequins, bejeweling her natural endowment.
The skintight floor length dress was slit up the side of her leg well above her
knee. She was a woman with a forceful full figure accentuated ever the more by
a petite waistline. Rosalind oozed bare legs and sculpted broad shoulders. She
was a celestial apparition of unblemished, tanned, ambrosial skin swaddled in a
veneer, a gift wrapping. Rosalind was an unfettered tantalization, a
provocation, a bombshell, rare was the man with the puckish virtuosity to join
the quest to puzzle out her surrender to their libidinous call.”


AC 45’s Game Changerizer’s

Games of Change

I’d anchored out near the bullpin where these incredibly powerful racing machines are stabled. I woke up in the morning and after lifting anchor before the legendary Bay View Boat Club witnessed this thoroughbred trotting out onto the track. If you haven’t been on San Francisco Bay the organizing reality to grasp is that the Golden Gate Bridge is an actual gap and in that space Pacific ocean air moves inland due to a sucking energy created by hot weather in the interior of California. Since this happens all the time most of us don’t note its effects. The main effect is that sailors on this body of water regularly encounter winds in excess of 25 knots and on some days must deal with winds in excess of 35 knots… If you enjoy sport you understand that if  you play certain games there is modest risk of harm while if you play other sports there is an increasing risk of harm. My experience on Monday witnessing the first taste of the next America’s Cup is that this next competition is going to be unlike anything we have ever seen. Larry Ellison has invoked the principle theme of this blog………..change. 38 knots of wind will bring you change. I promise.

Bankrupt Heart

“Ry pushed against the varnished oak tiller. Jasmine’s
white hull bent off to the side of the onrushing winds. The sail stiffened, she
began to move out at a keen clip. Jasmine’s
sail captured a bellowing breeze that created a stalwart force thrusting the
hull ahead. Ry steered a southbound course out into the deeper blue bay waters
playing with the angle of the mainsail until Jasmine’s most rapturous stride was dispatched.”

The East Bay Funky Changes Stylings

Sunset Over the East Bay Hills

I am up for a couple of shows this weekend. One is in Berkeley while the other is in Oakland. The Temescal Festival on Telegraph   Avenue on the Oakland/Berkeley border is an event I played a few years ago. I’m born in Oakland. People at this show get that. It is like cool, the fire juggler is from the East Bay. We’re easy to pick out of a crowd if you know what your looking for. We linger around customized motorcycles. We comb our hair back. We talk in a certain slang style peculiar to people who’ve come up on this side of the bay. We’re lunch bucket types. We drink beer. Feel at home in Hayward. People from the East Bay vacation in Twain Harte, gamble up in Tahoe and for real pleasure and adventure go at the shore in Alameda. Emeryville is a newcomer. Piedmont remains a mystery to us. We all knew someone who had a hot tube up in Montclair or saw James Brown at the Oakland Auditorium back in the day. If you are a true vet of the East Bay you even know that Sly Stone used to play at joint called Frenchy’s out on Mission Blvd in Hayward long before anyone knew who he was. Jason Zazo who does great automobile upholstery rolls a fine Chevy short box big block he’s had since forever… This is a glimpse of the unchangeable changes, a kind of slice of the life, the time machine you don’t have to buy. All you need to do is head to San Lorenzo. My people are there exactly the way I remember them.

Bankrupt Heart             The Second Novel

Ry pushed against the varnished oak tiller. Jasmine’s
bow bent off to the side of the onrushing winds. The mainsail stiffened, she
began to move out at a smart clip. This was a sizable triangular sail rising 43
feet in height up the mast, eighteen feet in length along the boom, capturing a
bellowing breeze the sail created a tremendous force that thrust the hull ahead.
Ry steered a southbound course out into the deeper bay waters playing with the
angle of the mainsail until Jasmine’s most
rapturous stride was dispatched.

The Art of Change…My Mind is Made Up…

Self Reflective self Portrait...


How fictional characters change in Highway Home and Bankrupt Heart.


      Neuroplasticity is a term to describe how we build connections in our brains. We can build connections by physically moving our bodies and we can build connections simply by thinking. Old thinking tends to travel down familiar neural highways. New thinking tends to travel along new highways. Jugglers know that repetition leads to the ability to do new tricks. For a very long time it was believed that the brain was fixed in size and structure, but now we know that we grow our brain throughout our lives when we use our brain. When we use our brain in new ways we potentially grow new parts, new regions, (connecting one region with another in new and interesting ways). So, it seems there is something of a virtue in making up our minds to make up our minds…