I have lived the life of the one man show, writing my own material, touring my comedy variety act worldwide, I’ve always been a writer and sweet talking showman— that’s been always.

The first novel, Highway Home was drafted in 1980 on my manual powered Smith-Corona typewriter. It wasn’t until 2007 I got around to writing my second, Pleasure Craft. Next came Hot Spring Honeymoon, this my third novel and more importantly the first comedy, and it was worth the wait, it is a good one. Women of the Oak Savannahs is the fourth, a serious tale chronicling the out-of-control growth of the wine business in Napa County.

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For decades I have been standing in front of audiences. I’ve developed a muscle for working a crowd. Comedy is a skill, learning to work a room, flesh out a routine, punch up a dull spot in the act, one part is penning the well-honed line the rest is all timing, that’s the work.

Writing and performing my own solo show is what finally put food on the table and helped keep a roof over my head.


Now I am writing screenplays, giving characters words that with some luck and craft might move hearts and minds. After four novels I know my way around a story. I have a talent for discovering what’s gets a laugh, this time I’m focused on finding what’s funny in climate change stories. They are stories about the great era of the Anthropocene— this moment in our history where what we have done has been caused by our own hand, we’ve triggering a set of problems we have ignored, problems we were warned could put the whole human experiment at risk.

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The Last Drop is the first of my screenplays to take up this challenge, the second is in the planning stages. My biography is about being a mainstream entertainer, writing funny material, performing the act, winning the largest number of people over. The screenplay is the logical extension of everything that has come before.

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7 years ago

I am a librarian at the Exeter Branch Library. I am interested in you performing during this summer reading program. can you please contact me via e-mail? I was referred to you by James the juggler.