Running with the Road Dogs

Backroads landed me hard on a saloon in Shelby, Montana. Had my pick of near a dozen gin joints in this Jack Johnson Championship Prizefight site. The joint that promised dancing- she’s the one. Pawn shop two blocks down had a line at the counter. Most were turning their rifles in for Fourth of July […]

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Cavalcade of Concrete

Ramping up for getting out on the Beggar’s Banquet-Kindness of Strangers- Why Don’t You Do it In the Road North American International Busking Tour of 2019 This is the Ft Collins, Colorado, Edmonton, Alberta to Grand Prairie long hops and short stops itinerary. This includes stopping at Miette Hot Spring, Thermopolis, Wyoming for soaking and […]

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Long Hops and short stops

In the early 70’s as the counter cultural movement took to the streets the first wave of artists built shows from scratch. We had no templates to work from. By the early 80’s that was over. Acts arrived at venues derived from the first wave shows of the late 60’s to early 70’s. We felt […]

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