Skyline at Twilight

Women’s March Phoenix, Arizona 2019 Nashville’s famed music district is being dismantled. Nobody can blame anybody. Times haven’t changed but the price of real estate has. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Jazz a favorite idiom frequented by this street act no longer sells. America’s great gift to music exists in the hearts and minds of the […]

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Velocity of our Change

Jacaranda Petals Healing the Velocity of Life Out Loud… Long fiction, scene by scene, attempts to decode the workings of our ever smaller world. Politics, culture and commerce bombard our nervous system from the mundane to the uninvited digitized global events we view on our media devices. Individual freedoms in this interconnected phenomenal life are […]

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How Sweet It Is

The Most Beautiful Places in the World Timing is everything. A good location doesn’t hurt. But, it’s the intangibles that will get you. “To be completely honest, although I love living in the city, it’s not my favorite place to perform.” What? “It seems to have an overly-politically-correctness vibe.” Really? So, we haven’t changed; they […]

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The Old West is Waiting

  stealhead, river running, and hay farming as far as an eye can see The dirt road winds down the mountain into Troy, Oregon on the Grande Ronde River. Size of community is a mere handful of good souls. Groceries fetched by driving 50 miles north to Lewiston, Idaho. The outpost captures my interiors yearning […]

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Award Winning Award Ribbons

Jane Cottonwood started lifting spirits as a coffee shop waitress in Beatty, Nevada. While attending horse shows with her little barrel racing daughters Jane came to find out there was a real shortage of award ribbons for those little winners she was raising. ‘Janey’ came to know how the world worked by living on Highway […]

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