Big Bad Boats

  Rocket Science a mini-monster from the Cook Islands. This is 50 feet, water ballasted, twin ruddered, carbon fibered, wickedly fast boat with a 13 foot draft!!!! I stepped aboard a monster Sunday. The beast tethered to a dock. Sixty-five feet of ocean going, purpose built, go anywhere, under any conditions sailboat. The beast had […]

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Water Wonder Dog World

  Lacey is a good dog. I tell her that. I say, “Lacey you are a good dog.” She’s deaf now. Can’t hear me, didn’t listen when she could unless I said, “Where’s the ball?” Then she heard me! She’s 14 years old now and sinks like a stone. She doesn’t have the energy to […]

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Removing Change

Finishing Bankrupt Heart meant I could focus on finishing the refinishing of the exterior of our redwood home. The east side of the building hasn’t been touched since it was first stained in 1974. Orbital sander in hand and with about 40 hours of spare time and just like that the side of the house […]

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Change Changed Newport

Busking was salvaged from the dictionary some years back and put to work again as a term describing street performing. I visited Newport, Rhode Island and while strolling the waterfront walked past this joint. Not that busking would go down very well in Newport. I make it my business to know about where buskers play […]

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Change of Address of Changes

I’m in my home up in the hills. I can just see the chimney of Eugene O’Neil’s Tao House from the living room. I’ve been here since January 2010. We came from Telegraph Hill in San Francisco where my wife and I lived together since March of 2007. We had an apartment at the edge […]

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