Talent’s Lending Library

We say good morning from Sonoita, Arizona. I was overnight 15 miles west in Patagonia. Dinner hour was shared with an 88 year old poet, a modern day vaudevillian, the showman’s stalwart wife and pair of Golden retrievers. Creative personalities are not rare. I’ve a broader definition now, the club isn’t so exclusive, a great […]

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Watercourse Weaver

High latitude summer nights are short. In Grand Prairie they come near midnight. Dawn is visible by four.  A dusky summer sky at latitude 55 germinate latent spirited seeds. All is ever so fleeting. Brevity of darkness strikes a chord. There is an urgency to drinking evening in up here. I went walking the trails […]

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Thermopolis, Wyoming’s Hot Spring

Deeper into the journey now. After Fort Collins, Colorado’s leafy college town coddling I am back in the sprawling lost world we know as Central Wyoming. Hot Springs State Park is set against a northern flowing Big Horn River. Half the town’s businesses are in dire circumstances the rest boarded up. You come to Thermopolis […]

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Opener… Street Theater Life

The Small Time Bigger Than You Know One of the hardest hand to mouth hustles ever invented in this world of hard knocks is busking. No contracts, no off site gigs, just pure hat and more hat shows. I’m talking about hard cold cash you can count in a hat after a performance. The lightning […]

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April 24, ’18 Road Dog Redux

Coast to Coast What a Juggler Sees Physical training while touring can be gigantic pain. If there are long jumps between dates you’re going to miss your workout. The best of the best jugglers train every day. The length of a workout varies. Physical intensity is relative to the mental focus the act brings to […]

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March 21, 2018 Maestro’s Return

Blue Wave Surfing Starts Here Street Theater as Social Justice Cupcake Fundraiser Join us won’t you!!!! The early days of street theater in San Francisco is part of a collection of photographs and essays I am putting together about the geographically more ambitious topic of busking across the entirety of North America. The thirty minute […]

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