Sausage Along the Potomac

Principled people can disagree about a lot of things, casting a vote not to raise the debt ceiling is not one of them. I don’t like the deal, but I don’t like defaulting on the national debt worse. Bernie, Warren and AOC are not on the same principled page over the debt and think they’ve […]

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Hope is the New Dope

There is a bright future. In Colorado energy researchers at the Rocky Mountain Institute make it their business to know a thing or two because they’ve studied a thing or two. Battery storage when paired with solar and wind is the cheapest form of energy on the market in 2020. Coal and natural gas can’t […]

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Making it Real

Laura is a Category 4 hurricane barreling through the Gulf of Mexico’s overheated waters taking aim at East Texas-West Louisiana. The timing of Laura’s arrival is a national nightmare. Predictions are for tidal surges to reach up to 30 miles inland. Driving through Oregon and Idaho Sunday and Monday I was in thick smoke from […]

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The Empty Vessel

Democracy is an empty vessel. The blanks must be filled in. Want to slow or stop immigration? Do you want low taxes, less regulation and globalize manufacturing and trade? Perhaps more home schooling and charter schools and scrap universities altogether and simply ramp up vocational career schooling. The stock markets of the world are a […]

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The Kilted Salvation

  It Was Not A Surprise The Scottish National Party swept this last week’s elections. They built majorities by convincing Labour Party voters to switch allegiances to the Scottish National Party. I had followed last year’s vote in Scotland to decide whether they would secede from Great Britain. The initiative failed but the Scottish National […]

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How Sweet It Is

The Most Beautiful Places in the World Timing is everything. A good location doesn’t hurt. But, it’s the intangibles that will get you. “To be completely honest, although I love living in the city, it’s not my favorite place to perform.” What? “It seems to have an overly-politically-correctness vibe.” Really? So, we haven’t changed; they […]

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Richard Pryor- A Funny Motherf…..ker

“Of course conventional demolition work didn’t pay nearly as good as nuclear annihilation, but Fletcher rightly calculated that there wouldn’t be much use for money in a world that no longer existed.” The street act is all cocktail. It is a mixologist mash-up with monologist. The lone wolf soloist jerking the innocent and unsuspecting into […]

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