Making it Real

Laura is a Category 4 hurricane barreling through the Gulf of Mexico’s overheated waters taking aim at East Texas-West Louisiana. The timing of Laura’s arrival is a national nightmare. Predictions are for tidal surges to reach up to 30 miles inland. Driving through Oregon and Idaho Sunday and Monday I was in thick smoke from […]

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Lightest Most Mighty Touch…

Playing the least visited towns allows for escaping the travel services industry. Instead of finding more of the same; Marriott, Hertz, Southwest Airlines and Denny’s there is this other original entrepreneurial economy to be relished. Globalization, climate change, digital technology and economic inequality account for the lion’s share of the changes to sweep across the […]

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What’s in Your Wallet…

Outdoorsmen have had their camouflaged knickers knotted by the scorched earther’s embedded in the bowels of our Department of the Interior. Secretary Ryan Zinke has risen way beyond his ability to grasp the circumstances his constituents face. Montana can be divided into many pieces of a kind, but the most common is a man or […]

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The Longest Running Show on Earth

  The severity of the climate change induced wildfires in the winegrowing region of Northern California comes as no surprise. Lake County’s record breaking Valley Fire of 2015 remains an all too fresh memory. The unholy alliance between real estate developers and the bipartisan business friendly politicians have been paid to ignore the calls for […]

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Wildfires in Northern California

Scenes from Arson Instigated Fire in Lake County Valley Fire, September 2015 Intending to begin my fourth novel at Calistoga’s famed dirt racing oval I was instead shocked to find the fairgrounds transformed into a shelter for the evacuees of the deadly and destructive Valley Fire of Lake County. The famed racetrack where the motorcycle […]

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Putinesque Trumpet Call

Weasels in Wonderland So, maybe it’s just me, but it sounds odd to my ear that Trump is bellyaching about the CIA’s analysts having come to the conclusion that Russian hackers at the direction Vladimir Putin had intentionally interfered with our election. After a week of cabinet picks that have more in common with a […]

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Working Peeps Pissed

Now that we got this populism thing in the groove… Brexit, Trumpistan, and now on  Sunday those wacky Italians joined in and have gone full Fellini. Grab your parachutes peeps. It turns out that all those trade deals we’ve been making since like say 1992 when a Democrat with the help of a majority of […]

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