Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow…

You say you want a revolution The long term fallout to the disaster known as the global financial crisis is playing out on the right sided spectrum of the political scene. Economic anxiety translates into a turbulent, unpredictable, heated voiced, violence prone mob rule. Let’s go first to a little nugget from Andrew Sullivan. (for […]

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The Greatest Human Folly of All Time

“There is a bottleneck in human history. The human condition is going to change. It could be that we end in a catastrophe or that we are transformed by taking much greater control over our biology. “It’s not science fiction, religious doctrine or a late-night conversation in the pub. “There is no plausible moral case […]

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Infinite Pleasures

Everything I thought I knew has been thrown into doubt. I had thought today could be much like any other day. I thought I’d go along and get along. I made the mistake of listening to a physicist. It seems that this one universe we live in might be just one out of an infinite […]

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Cheating Changes Everything

Every so often I survey single men while in conversation about whether they have ever had a sexual affair with someone they knew was married. Some men answer no, some yes, and others anguish over the question and in so doing reveal their experience by way of a non-answer. The married men are all but […]

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Changing Arizona

                              Tonight in Tempe. Street shows at 5th and Mill Avenue. Four shows today. I played this space first in 1992. It has been on my schedule since.  Tempe Festival of the Arts has been happening since the 70’s…..  Lots of […]

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Weather to Change Course

  Noel spoke to June, soft enough so she could make out what he was saying,  “Been a best day for me too.” June smiled tenderly, and glanced up into Noel’s eyes for a brief moment. She patted him on his leg. “Never know what a day will bring.” Highway Home As they say a […]

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A World of Change

“That everything changes is the basic truth of existence.”                                     Shunryu Suzuki             We do great harm to our lives when we surround it with worn out old stories. Nothing stays the same. Things are not fixed but rather in a state of flux. We have a lot of change going on in our world. […]

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