Talent’s Lending Library

We say good morning from Sonoita, Arizona. I was overnight 15 miles west in Patagonia. Dinner hour was shared with an 88 year old poet, a modern day vaudevillian, the showman’s stalwart wife and pair of Golden retrievers. Creative personalities are not rare. I’ve a broader definition now, the club isn’t so exclusive, a great […]

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Hope is the New Dope

There is a bright future. In Colorado energy researchers at the Rocky Mountain Institute make it their business to know a thing or two because they’ve studied a thing or two. Battery storage when paired with solar and wind is the cheapest form of energy on the market in 2020. Coal and natural gas can’t […]

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minding your own business

Man and Mind I tend to listen to my inner voice and believe every single word. I trust that voice. It’s my voice. I know that it is just a shameless mind speaking to me. Minds have no pride, they’ll say anything, and never stop talking to you even when they have nothing new to […]

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Patagonia Whisperer

I traveled down to Tucson. Stopped in Quartzite slept in the back of the Volvo. Renting a room from midnight to early morning isn’t any fun. Sleeping in the back of a station wagon suits me fine. As success and money have found their way into my life so has travel by air, hotels and […]

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Time is Slow-Eternity is Long

    Five hundred miles later I arrived in Ajo, Arizona pitching my tent first- answering questions later. My RV pull-through host didn’t disappoint packing a small sidearm while collecting my site use fee. “You’ll want to pack the tent and be out of here by 8.” His tone of voice allowed me to crawl […]

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The Invisible-Glorious-Full-Stop

Start from Where You Find Yourself Here on the rotisserie in LA it is expected to go triple digits. For one hot second I’d deluded myself into believing the autumnal equinox had passed, summer was over and that Trump would have folded like a cheap piece of patio furniture by now. As far as trifecta’s […]

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Wildfires in Northern California

Scenes from Arson Instigated Fire in Lake County Valley Fire, September 2015 Intending to begin my fourth novel at Calistoga’s famed dirt racing oval I was instead shocked to find the fairgrounds transformed into a shelter for the evacuees of the deadly and destructive Valley Fire of Lake County. The famed racetrack where the motorcycle […]

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He is our Shame, Our Agony

  To the Barricades Pulling out of the Paris Agreement pisses me off. I’m furious with the titans of industry extorting our representatives into taking this outrageous action. We are the rogue nation with a blighted unhealable soul. Any semblance of our being that shining beacon on a hill just got tossed into the dustbin […]

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