Ode to Practicality

  Compact but Powerful Anti-Bucket Brigade Member Fixing toilets and bilge pumps is in the let’s getaway and go cruising deal. You want to go sailing then you want to become a crackerjack marine toilet repairman. You want spare parts and hand tools at the ready. When the time comes you want to make quick […]

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The Invisible-Glorious-Full-Stop

Start from Where You Find Yourself Here on the rotisserie in LA it is expected to go triple digits. For one hot second I’d deluded myself into believing the autumnal equinox had passed, summer was over and that Trump would have folded like a cheap piece of patio furniture by now. As far as trifecta’s […]

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Do Not Enter

Blueberries on my mind My lifestyle caught up with my hairstyle. Black Monday’s deep dive has nothing on my temporal skyline. While I haven’t physically resorted to the comb-over there is a forensic team searching the empty corridors of my courage for suspicious activity. My bandwagon finally collided with my chow-wagon. With my hair going […]

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Bachelorhood as Infrastructure

To Have Anything You Must Give Her Everything      “You peeling down into your French lingerie and your slick high-heeled cowgirl boots, I swear on a stack of Gideon’s, you don’t want a fair fight… Trying to ensnare me in my own weaknesses…. I know your kind; you’ll have nothing and nobody to blame but […]

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Your One Night Stand on the Front Page

  Imagining Hot Spring Honeymoon Where Love Has Come to Play “Emptiness does not differ from form. Emptiness is form and form is emptiness,” This ambiguous quote comes from Buddhism’s great teachings contained in The Heart Sutra. Caught in this paradoxical world of here and now, the fiction writer slashes through all the chaos that […]

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Left Coast Lifter

Here at work is the Left Coast Lifter. Left Coast a right wing epithet coined to characterize the voting habits of California, Oregon and Washington. We are reliably Liberal. Yesterday was a classic Indian summer day on the San Francisco Bay. This gigantic crane is preparing to hoist into position the last piece of the […]

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