Sausage Along the Potomac

Principled people can disagree about a lot of things, casting a vote not to raise the debt ceiling is not one of them. I don’t like the deal, but I don’t like defaulting on the national debt worse. Bernie, Warren and AOC are not on the same principled page over the debt and think they’ve […]

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Fair/Free Trade Con Artistry

YOU ARE LOOKING AT A FAIR TRADER I’m going after James Kitfield today. He is a storied reporter, beltway veteran, and quintessential centrist. He holds all sorts of views I have no quarrel with, but on trade he’s off by a Moon shot, perhaps a crash landing on Mars. Look, the new world order, the […]

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End Stupid Stop Stubborn

  More Off the Cuff Links… We take you to the streets of London where students are marching for, “No tuition fees! No education cuts! No debt!” Let’s go to Milwaukee where what passes for progress we have this pathetic excuse for policy being implemented. Sorry folks we can’t get to the new economy everyone is talking […]

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Stupid, Dumb and Dunderheaded

  “Your wallets gone, passport is missing and you’ve just received a note from the consulate. There is nothing they can do. You will have to live with your new tattoo and the sex change operation.” Send in the clowns… they’re already here… Working today on the stupid… I try not to do stupid, but […]

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Hot Spring Honeymoon

  From the Comedy Hot Spring Honeymoon my latest novel…. “I happen to find something new in the book of bachelor wisdom. I found there comes a point in life when the best thing a man can do is the thing he promised himself he never would.”

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