Sausage Along the Potomac

Principled people can disagree about a lot of things, casting a vote not to raise the debt ceiling is not one of them.

Everything is on the Table

I don’t like the deal, but I don’t like defaulting on the national debt worse.

Bernie, Warren and AOC are not on the same principled page over the debt and think they’ve the room to to vote no. They were for the bill before they were against it, accusations of being a flip-floppers, and expecting your more moderate colleagues to carry the water for you I rate as an act of political cowardice.

Wondering about Biden’s low approval ratings only makes sense if you forget than over the last 3 decades Rupert Murdoch’s Fox channel spends its day, night, month and year pounding on the Democratic Party. Add the weaponized right wing AM radio talk show onslaught and we do begin to at least have some sense of what is driving these lower numbers.

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are two birds of the same feather, both wicked good legislatively, even if both are not at their best on social media or television. I say not at their best, but that’s just me, I’m a high information voter, the throng I run in the wild’s of democracy with have little time for the agonizing crawl that is the slow march to a more just, more equal, better nation. Low information voters are a danger to freedom.

If I were Biden I’d wield the bully pulpit with greater frequency. If you vacate the field your opponents will gladly flood the zone. Forget personality driven politics we can see much the same phenomenon around the climate emergency.

People don’t care until they are forced to care. Access to abortion is on the caring front burner now. Climate slips from our primary concern until our house burns down, a rogue climate changed induced wave destroys our beach house, or we wake up some Sunday to find that AllState Insurance is abandoning homeowner insurance in California reasoning that the state is so primed for disaster as to be actuarily impossible to do business in under the current global calamity.

Even though the United States has allowed the parasitic NRA to land upon our nation to suck our blood and safety from our public spaces it remains a ghastly tragedy that at least for today we can’t stop this ballistic mayhem on our people.

I don’t know how you do your Nazi’s, I prefer them in jail, shunned from public discourse, cast out by polite society, really the least we can do is make Nazi’s as miserable as is possible. After all since when did we suddenly decide there is something good about Nazi’s—

I’d add anyone thinking that it’s time we give up on democracy and go all in on strongman, authoritarian, dictatorial form of politics needs to have their level of stupid measured for potentially being infected by a doom loop. Still, as if you need me to tell you this it appears a full third of this nation is ready to make the switch.

Chaco Canyon— the First People’s House Abandoned

My high school drama teacher immigrated to British Columbia decades back when Ronald Reagan became President. Alberta’s elected the bat and the shit crazy into office Monday. My many beloved Canadian friends in Canada are getting fitted for parachutes now, though where they would choose to leap to remains a quandary.

That’s the world we live in now. Figure on our side among bigger liberal democracy’s we can count on Australia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Germany and Italy. I don’t know what to make of Israel, Brazil, India, Pakistan or Turkey at the moment.

Figure Russia is gone for at least a century. China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran and North Korea are not willing to play nice with us or the citizens trapped within their nations borders. They don’t do nasty things to all their citizens, but then all still enjoy the same limited franchise to freedom.

And that’s why we’re all jacked over getting the Orange Menace off the electoral playing field. He goes or we risk our all going. Isn’t that a lovely possible fate.

Work on climate, get the carbon out of the atmosphere, stop having so many freaking children and hold on here we come future ready or not— and friends we are not prepared—

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