Sidewalk Show 1980

“Try not to applaud when I make a mistake, you’re only reinforcing bad habits.” Jefferson Street 1980 One of the grittiest hand to mouth hustles ever invented in this world of hard knocks is busking. No contracts, no off site gigs— just pure hat and more hat shows. “Hat” is street pidgin for money. Conjuring […]

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Time Whispers

I am no longer at the intersection wondering how much further I have to go. The cast playing the Edmonton International Street Performer’s Festival needn’t say a word. Time whispers in my ear. Street theater is physical. The quickest wits, the sharpest reflexes, these gifts on loan from the gods are asking to be returned. […]

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County Fair Song

There is talent and then there is talent. I’ll let you ponder how near or far I’ve come as you take a trip on the wings of this stunning tune… buckle up buttercup…

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Cavalcade of Concrete

Ramping up for getting out on the Beggar’s Banquet-Kindness of Strangers- Why Don’t You Do it In the Road North American International Busking Tour of 2019 This is the Ft Collins, Colorado, Edmonton, Alberta to Grand Prairie long hops and short stops itinerary. This includes stopping at Miette Hot Spring, Thermopolis, Wyoming for soaking and […]

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