Stupid, Dumb and Dunderheaded

  “Your wallets gone, passport is missing and you’ve just received a note from the consulate. There is nothing they can do. You will have to live with your new tattoo and the sex change operation.” Send in the clowns… they’re already here… Working today on the stupid… I try not to do stupid, but […]

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Finding the Fun in the Setting Sun

“One morning you wake up in Yuma, Arizona in this thing called a motorhome. The phone rings it’s a receptionist, she’s calling to confirm your appointment with the plastic surgeon.” While on stage the topic of the golden years of our lives needs to be approached carefully. Cliché is an epidemic hazard. As we approach […]

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The Non-Fat Caffè Latte Love Show

It’s Good for Your Heart Kate Hart and The Detroit Women If one starts a career touring with the Royal Lichtenstein Quarter-Ring Sidewalk Circus why in the world wouldn’t you find yourself in the midst of producing, The Good to the Last Love-Non-Fat Caffè Latte Love Show… A soul nutting, spoonful of romance, low calorie, […]

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Bat Show Audio…

Bats in the House Welcome to the world of entertainment in the Riviera Maya. What we have here is a short clip from my show at Puerto Aventuras just south of Playa del Carmen. I’d just come on stage. I was perhaps 5 minutes into my opening monologue when a sizable bat with wingspan of […]

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Your One Night Stand on the Front Page

  Imagining Hot Spring Honeymoon Where Love Has Come to Play “Emptiness does not differ from form. Emptiness is form and form is emptiness,” This ambiguous quote comes from Buddhism’s great teachings contained in The Heart Sutra. Caught in this paradoxical world of here and now, the fiction writer slashes through all the chaos that […]

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Lord of the Styles

    This moment’s style and fashion is so obvious. House of Cards has it, Veep deploys it, and Silicon Valley is based upon it. Lenny Bruce skewered the sacred by roasting it atop the fires of the profane hypocrisy’s he alone seemed capable of speaking about. And for each act taking one tack there […]

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Brooklyn as Tribal Paradise

If Camera Pointed in the Opposite Direction You Would See 100’s More of My Peeps… Perhaps our politics is broken but our bond to community here in Brooklyn is not. We gathered along the East River for a Memorial Day barbecue. We found our countries citizens doing the same. We shared the space, every type […]

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