Let’s Talk City Buildouts—

If Phoenix is a hot mess of a beast, Gilbert is the sizzling distant unknown reptile nobody has ever heard of. I’d come in from the south, drove through Coolidge, then finally the long straight boulevard into downtown, the very beating heart of this anonymous gargantuan valley town.. Three lanes in each direction for 20 […]

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Vet Showmen Pay Lip Service

Trip to Kona has been a bit of a tale. A carrying cart failed just before coming over to the islands resulting in a propane tank landing square on my big toe. That kind of changed the last two weeks. An urgent care doctor glued the gash back together slapped me on the butt and […]

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How Sweet It Is

The Most Beautiful Places in the World Timing is everything. A good location doesn’t hurt. But, it’s the intangibles that will get you. “To be completely honest, although I love living in the city, it’s not my favorite place to perform.” What? “It seems to have an overly-politically-correctness vibe.” Really? So, we haven’t changed; they […]

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Bat Show Audio…

Bats in the House Welcome to the world of entertainment in the Riviera Maya. What we have here is a short clip from my show at Puerto Aventuras just south of Playa del Carmen. I’d just come on stage. I was perhaps 5 minutes into my opening monologue when a sizable bat with wingspan of […]

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