finish the line

Revisions to the screenplay continue at a measured pace. I unpacked a lengthy exchange between two characters, that helped with flow. I’m still miserable about trying to hide a few key facts without bringing the narrative to a grinding halt.

The manuscript is in Word on my computer and iPad, I can read while I’m bicycling at the gym. I have made significant progress in which characters are included and excluded from the resolution of the story. Most meet a reasonable fate, two are singled out for special punishment, one suffers a temporary setback the other is fated to more dire circumstances.

This is a comedy, but a kind that doesn’t allow for everyone to live happily ever after. Some days it feels like I’m just dabbing small brushstrokes to the canvas, as if the whole is set with the particulars of certain details remaining difficult to nail down.

Compared to the agony of giving birth to this story fiddling with the details of the completed manuscript is a breeze. There are probably 10 better lines I want to replace with existing weaker lines. Those will come and they will make an impact.

I’m pleased but not finished—

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