Sleeping with the Spineless Devil


                      Good God it’s Sunrise Over Oakland, California
                    Nothing but progressives as far as an eye can see

Welcome to my particular version of hell. In this version of my personal hell there are two devils.

One is called Republican’s and the other is called Democrat’s. We only get two.

The Republican Party is totally into climate change and global warming. They can’t get enough carbon into the atmosphere fast enough. It is full speed ahead.

The Democrat’s on the other hand they look like a bunch of amoeba’s looking to find their backbones.

If you are keeping score at home: R’s totally into carbon and D’s are not totally. They are more closet carbon sympathizers.

On the issue of financial regulation we have Republican’s who are totally into deregulation under the veil of “technical fixes” and “job creation.” That rhetoric is all made of the stuff that comes out of the business end of a horse.

Democrat’s are kind of for stronger regulation. But, they are going to need a whole lot more calcium in their diets is all I can say.

Too many suffer from what I call campaign contribution amnesia. Funny how an otherwise standup politician of outstanding intellect and moral rectitude can sing soprano in a bath house of rectal rehydrating lobbyists tinkering with their vote by way of legal bribes and under the table babes.

That means as far as Congress goes we have a functional bipartisan group of politicians, most overtly and some covertly ready to do whatever it takes to keep the carbon based industry and Wall Street Fat Cat’s happier than a fully fed Great White Shark.

Case in point: Senator Amy Klobuchar our esteemed Democratic senator from Minnesota speaking on Meet the Press, she said the Keystone XL Pipeline “has merit.”

So do topless dancers, cheating husbands, and Ford Pintos.

Here is the bottom of the rot gut barrel line as far as this writer is concerned. You are either for saving civilization and willing to vote to stop capitalism from committing a carbon fueled mass extinction event or you are not. That’s it. It isn’t confusing.

With regard to the problem of what to do about the uber wealthy in this country? Sometimes this is called “income inequality or sometimes it is called wealth inequality.” This isn’t complicated. It is simple. You want to see some real entertainment? Start with the complete end of corporate tax code loopholes. That is what is known as the kind of deregulation a Democratic voter can believe in.

All of the Republican’s are against fixing the economic system and many of the Democrat’s can’t seem to find the spine to be for it.

Now, I don’t reckon I’d ever want to sleep with a Republican, but if Hillary wants to take a shot she’s going to have to do some mighty fine sweet talking before I let her have her way with me.

Getting someone to say what they mean, and mean what they say? That my friends is the difference between getting laid and being screwed.

All of the sudden I feel like we are communicating with each other.

So, I got my lips pressed up to this young man and he wraps his arms around me and squeezed me harder than a tube of toothpaste.”

Only live once, might as well mix in a few wild squeezers.”

Hot Spring Honeymoon

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