Sedona for Dinner

Arrived at home built on a rocky bluff overlooking Oak Creek in Sedona. Brock and Kate’s place was built by the two back in the 1980’s. Brock and I are the same age. He’s currently been getting three bulldozers back into running condition. That’s been mostly about fueling the machines up with fresh diesel, new […]

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Proletariat’s Rejuvenation—

The global proletariat thrill meter is pegged at infinite— I told you so.  Tesla’s stock has fallen from $384 a share to a close of $156 per today. It turns out the richest man in the world is no longer the richest man in the world. Trolling is misunderstood. Behaving like a privileged, adolescent, juvenile, white supremacist isn’t […]

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Emergency on the Wasatch

The Salt Lake City Tribune posted a water story (see it here) that straightened my back and got my attention. The story is well researched, we learn there are 10,000 family hay-growing operations in Utah, that the crop market value is $500 million, and one-third of the crop is sent overseas.  Profits in Utah’s alfalfa […]

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Johnson’s Johnson

n terms of how many Johnsons away from tragedy, and let’s be generous now, on average say there are two Johnson’s for every foot of water, we are just 276 Johnson’s away from a climate catastrophe of a kind the modern world has never experienced.

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