Sedona for Dinner

Dinner Scene

Arrived at home built on a rocky bluff overlooking Oak Creek in Sedona. Brock and Kate’s place was built by the two back in the 1980’s. Brock and I are the same age. He’s currently been getting three bulldozers back into running condition. That’s been mostly about fueling the machines up with fresh diesel, new batteries and then troubleshooting. Some people have all the fun, Brock has none but he does know how to get a D8 sized 40,000 lbs. “dozer” to come back to life.

Building on Bedrock

Since the pandemic hit Sedona has been overrun with visitors. With so many people working remote many decided to take advantage move here and mix business with pleasure. As far as destinations go Sedona is a terrific pick with one big drawback— it is crawling with visitors. Camp Verde is 35 minutes away on the other side of the valley, visitation by tourists is not the small towns problem.

Today like yesterday will be used for a long walk. A flatter, longer, quieter piece of terrain is in the cards. Put on sunscreen, wear a hat, take a walking stick to chase away unwanted troublesome barking dogs. We’ll walk through juniper, cedar, cottonwoods and ash. Water is up still so finding a place with a good crease with a creek is what might work best.

Last night included the company of five good dogs. That’s a lot of canine company. That’s a rural life for you.

We’re off after our long walk to get under the shade of some sycamores, we’ll barbecue tonight, most of us have our heart set on a salad but mesquite wood cooking too, maybe throw some potatoes into the fire. We’ll see.

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