Extinction Event Bribery Style


Monument to Civilization, Stratosphere

“Why are you picking a fight with the Chamber?”

“Just standing my ground.” Keefe said.

“We usually go around him instead of through him.”

“Well, it’s a new day for Meadowhawk,” Fletcher said.

Gallup that fabulous polling organization that quantifies what we already know has confirmed what we already knew: our political leaders are in a knotted stinky quagmire. That’s right they have been bought.

Our journalists, especially the partisans brainwashed and paid off inside the beltway are infected with the disease of seeing things the uber wealthy way as well.

Nobody is paying me squat for my point of view and like a lot of ordinary American’s I’m pissed off. The fact is I’m mad because if they’d give me a good chunk of bucks and I’d sing their praise too.

Sadly nobody seems to want to influence my opinion and so I am in the position of having to call them like I see them.

Let’s review that list of matters that concern American’s but are of no concern to our Beltway Babies who have their lips firmly clamped upon the moneyed….

Take fixing our roads, bridges, airports, water treatment facilities… it is called infrastructure. We used to fix things.  Take my unpaid word for it the uber wealthy in this country fear they might be taxed to make those repairs and thus block new funding. New infrastructure is a loser.

Did you know that 7 out of 10 of us are for clean air and water? Fuck that too. We just elected to Congress the largest group of climate change deniers east of the Mississippi. No deal there.

Criminal background checks? Nope. Ain’t going to happen. 9 out of 10 American’s like the idea of background checks. But, listen to me, please sit down and let me read you the facts of life. You don’t buy elections the NRA buys elections. Your opinion is spit in the wind.

A mere 20% of our citizens believe abortion should be illegal in all circumstances. That’s right where I come from that number is even lower. Evidently they hooked up with the NRA because we are dismantling Roe vs. Wade board and nail across every red state in this union.

About 90% figure there is some good in birth control. A bunch of sorry ass fanatics went to the Supreme Court and they said it was against their religion to be part of family planning. Sorry ladies you are on your own.

So, you see this is what money in politics does to democracy. Right now as we speak oil has just sunk below the $50 threshold, some figure it could go as low as $20.

There is a worldwide glut (that means there is too damn much of the stuff on the market) and what is the first legislation the Senate wants to pass? That’s right the XL Keystone Pipeline

This isn’t the people’s business that is being done. This is the business of a couple of Libertarians from Kansas being done. This is Big Business slapping the spineless bought off legislators around.

It would be swell if our problems were ordinary. If it were merely a banking crisis. If it was just that we needed more teachers and better schools. But, it is much bigger now that we’ve squandered all this time pretending to be a democracy. What we have is a full blown crisis of civilization problem.

I used to think we just had ordinary human problems. I wasn’t really thinking my pigheaded generation was going to close its eyes and plug its ears (for a fee…) and allow the world to go all to hell. I wouldn’t have believed that at one time in my life, but that was then and this is now.

You don’t like what I got to say? Well, come on, give me a little something and might be I’ll sing a different tune. Until then I am speaking truth to the spineless bought off money grubbers of the world. You know who you are. You should be ashamed…

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