Hope is the New Dope

There is a bright future. In Colorado energy researchers at the Rocky Mountain Institute make it their business to know a thing or two because they’ve studied a thing or two. Battery storage when paired with solar and wind is the cheapest form of energy on the market in 2020. Coal and natural gas can’t […]

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homo erectus-electus-ejectus

Driving to the End of the World Still floating about in the isolation chamber. Coordinates are by latitude and longitude found by spelling out the word weird, clicking your heels twice, hoping your inner wicked witch doesn’t spit on you in a big box store, no mask-no admission denial rage. There is a spectrum of […]

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Spaceship Earth Protector

Democratic Party: 44.9 million votes Republican Party: 32.9 million votes There was a lot on last nights ballot and nothing was more important than taking back the House. About my Spaceship Earth Protector Credentials. I am an artist. I’m a creative. I was a success. I bought houses, had kids, got married-divorced-married, I’ve made money, spent money, had […]

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Overtaken By Wildfire

Outline Interrupted Plotting my novel I set a date in September 2015 to attend the dirt oval races at the Calistoga Fairgrounds. The motorcycle races were canceled and the fairgrounds instead were transformed into an emergency evacuation shelter for the victims of the Valley Fire. On September 12, 2015 the fire erupted burning 70 thousand […]

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March 15, 2018 Mesquite Trees

The Edible Sonoran Desert for Buskers “The wanderlust in the heart of a street performer is curiosity writ by beat up truck and a one dollar tip.” Polished prose is under construction. And that of course is one of the tasks being attended to at this website. You’ll notice my farcical comedy Hot Spring Honeymoon […]

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