Making it Real

Laura is a Category 4 hurricane barreling through the Gulf of Mexico’s overheated waters taking aim at East Texas-West Louisiana. The timing of Laura’s arrival is a national nightmare. Predictions are for tidal surges to reach up to 30 miles inland. Driving through Oregon and Idaho Sunday and Monday I was in thick smoke from […]

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Skyline at Twilight

Women’s March Phoenix, Arizona 2019 Nashville’s famed music district is being dismantled. Nobody can blame anybody. Times haven’t changed but the price of real estate has. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Jazz a favorite idiom frequented by this street act no longer sells. America’s great gift to music exists in the hearts and minds of the […]

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Robber Barons Revenge

A Little Fixer Upper for the Newly Minted Upper Lowers Thomas Picketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century published down the rabbit hole of 2013 quantified capital’s relentless advantage over labor. The book researched and factually illustrated that the rate of return on capital exceeds the rate of return on output. In other words the rich […]

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Against the Grain

The Next Steps The current novel I am drafting is set in Napa County. Climate change, inequality and the health of of both the people and environment is under stress. Studying groundwater levels, fish extinction events, the alarming increase of childhood cancer rates (the highest in any county in California) has been painful to acknowledge. […]

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