Classic Street Theater

I studied Shakespeare. I was a ballet dancer. I started out working in theater. I was trained in the classics, at least to the extent that my brain would permit prior to my stomach starting to bellyache about it. Aristotle, Plato, and later Cervantes I discovered had discovered most of what I was discovering. I […]

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Sail Home, Be There, Happy

The canal in San   Rafael, California terminates near downtown just east of Highway 101. A bit further eastward sits the San Rafael Yacht Harbor. I worked on my wooden sloop- Maestro, a Golden Gate hull #18 in this boatyard. I worked on the boat for a few years and then by way of a thousand […]

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Fake Change

“The sand was cheerful and white beneath the evening’s muted glow. A few other people were scattered along the edge of the water. A long gleaming light of a quarter moon shimmered off the water. Venus was low on the horizon, big and bright. The sky was overdone, a steady constant glow surrounded by flickering […]

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