bike ride bijou

Occupational hazards abound for the writer. Sitting at a desk all day, incessant use of reading glasses, fighting off the flurry of notifications our digital overlords have embedded on our phones, iPads, and desktop computers.   Exercise patterns have changed, there is now a daily bike ride to account for. I’m averaging 100 miles a week, […]

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Hope is the New Dope

There is a bright future. In Colorado energy researchers at the Rocky Mountain Institute make it their business to know a thing or two because they’ve studied a thing or two. Battery storage when paired with solar and wind is the cheapest form of energy on the market in 2020. Coal and natural gas can’t […]

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What’s in Your Wallet…

Outdoorsmen have had their camouflaged knickers knotted by the scorched earther’s embedded in the bowels of our Department of the Interior. Secretary Ryan Zinke has risen way beyond his ability to grasp the circumstances his constituents face. Montana can be divided into many pieces of a kind, but the most common is a man or […]

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