Sausalito then and now

Sailing has been part of my life. My first lessons were on 14’ sloop rigged sailboats in the Alameda Estuary. It wasn’t long before a sailing friend purchased his own, a modest seaworthy boat, strong enough to cross oceans, slow enough to make a sailor think twice of doing so. In 1980 there was a […]

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Sleepless Nights

Windward and Northbound The shrill howl of the wind in the shrouds kept waking me. We were holding at Cojo Anchorage waiting for the winds to drop. Passage north through Point Conception was timed to advantage our trip north on this chance. Winds finally dipped but not until we’d hoisted anchor and strapped our safety […]

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Ode to Practicality

  Compact but Powerful Anti-Bucket Brigade Member Fixing toilets and bilge pumps is in the let’s getaway and go cruising deal. You want to go sailing then you want to become a crackerjack marine toilet repairman. You want spare parts and hand tools at the ready. When the time comes you want to make quick […]

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April 23,’18 Little Bird Love

Life through the Eyes of a Child Ribbon Dancer from Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy Spring Carnival 2018 I have this audacious gut instinct that our teachers across our country are forcing us to use our brains for their intended purpose. Like for one “think” about our most precious renewable natural abundant resource. For what […]

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