Microchipped Pet Geolocation Giveaway

We all know about the Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Department of Homeland Security and of then the more familiar Central Intelligence Agency and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Reading today’s Financial Times the sage reporting of Ed Luce by way of a feature story Lunch with the FT-Christo Grozev spills the spy craft beans. First, his bonafides— his cyber agency is much despised by the despicable Vladimir Putin who would love to serve him a cup of polonium tea. That’s a top rated recommendation.

In my screenplay I’ve two Russians honeypots (sexually seductive women). In real life a Russian honeypot while in Italy had her favorite cat microchipped. The operative then was sent to NATO’s headquarters in Naples where she opened a “charity for underprivileged children.”

As the story goes many of the wives of senior generals joined. “As did many of their husbands with whom she had many affairs.“

Wikipedia tells us that Bellingcat (stylised bell¿ngcat) is a Netherlands-based investigative journalism group that specialises in fact-checking and open-source intelligence (OSINT).

Grozev tracked the spy down cross referencing her name with the microchipped animal.

And that my friends is a real life set of facts that a screenwriter can pluck from the headlines to place into the script of The Last Drop.

In this instance, in my story it is the Russian honeypots Tatianna Topoff and Svetlana Smirnoff. The two have been flipped by Army Intelligence out of Ft Huachuca and are acting as counterintelligence agents working for a foreign owned alfalfa farm with Putin believing they still work for him but in fact now work for USA— are you with me so far?

They will uncover a dark money plot that pays Arizona government officials to look other way while foreign corporations pull-off a water grab— in real life it is a 6 million gallons a month water heist. How did this happen? Nobody’s telling anyone nothing.

In my plot the location of my protagonist Zeke Flatiron is a key tell— microchipping looks like a major add to this plot.

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1 month ago

Tatiana Topoff sweetens the Honeypot.