Mill Valley Film Festival

May-December screenwriter Samy Burke was a terrific post screening conversation at the after screening party. For some years I lived aboard my wooden sloop in the San Rafael Canal. It was like old home week with more traffic congestion.

Fun talking with Samy. This was her first feature film script. Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore starring, talk about hitting a grand slam.

Samy’s husband, also a screenwriter was along for the thrilling ascent into the creative stratosphere.

I mingled with the boozy crowd, presently on the wagon I could only look on in increasingly more sober wonder.

Tonight another film, Fancy Dance, this time a new Native American feature, after another party. I’ll be aiming to mingle again with the screenwriter if they are part of the team supporting the film at the festival.

I’m still putting a few last edits to my first script and prepping the plot for the next. Yeah, yeah, yeah— but George S Kaufman was no spring chicken at the time of some of his best work and I got nothing but spring and chicken to spare.

Of we go—

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