Bikini Days

Tranquility The Good Life… Pace is quickening. Blurred through four/five days in Kona. Tense times on the windward side of the island near the volcano filled the radio and papers with news of eruptions. Visibility was down because of the haze in the air from the eruptions two hours south and west of us. Seismic […]

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Experience or Judgement

Can’t Blame Everything on the Bossa Nova What Having a Hard Time of Things Looks Like   Odd jobs ate my week’s allotment of time. Hidden among the thieving chores and tasks were the weeds. So I performed the banishing act with a gas powered filament line empowered whirling dervish of a whacker. Then, fabric […]

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May 1, ’18 First of May

Wind and Wave Shoreline We are sailing from San Francisco Bay to the Channel Islands this summer. Aside from working on the to-do list and planning is to take pause from preparations and spend time reading Bernard Moitessier. The French-Vietnamese circumnavigator’s maritime narrative reads as lyric verse and Farmers Almanac guidance. Clutter can accumulate within […]

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April 24, ’18 Road Dog Redux

Coast to Coast What a Juggler Sees Physical training while touring can be gigantic pain. If there are long jumps between dates you’re going to miss your workout. The best of the best jugglers train every day. The length of a workout varies. Physical intensity is relative to the mental focus the act brings to […]

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April 23,’18 Little Bird Love

Life through the Eyes of a Child Ribbon Dancer from Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy Spring Carnival 2018 I have this audacious gut instinct that our teachers across our country are forcing us to use our brains for their intended purpose. Like for one “think” about our most precious renewable natural abundant resource. For what […]

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April 16,’18 Street Scene

Veteran Working the Craft in Red Deer, Alberta Canada I was there when the scenes exploded. The artists medium was variety entertainment. The venue was street. Street was the canvas of choice. Indoor ticketed facilities had been a dead end for decades. Like wildfire the spreading news of variety acts turning a good buck out […]

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April 15, ’18 Star Date

Over Under Sideways Down A full week ahead. Saturday at Harvey Milk’s Civil Rights Academy in San Francisco. More LA in the mix. A big shout out to the heroic work underway on our behalf and for the sake of this experiment in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You don’t want Sally Yates […]

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