world savings account

What is not visible to the readers who drift by is that behind the scenes I am wrangling my fourth novel to the finish. I completed the manuscript a few years back and had to set it aside knowing it needed reworking. I didn’t have the stomach for the challenge. There’s a good final draft […]

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Opener… Street Theater Life

The Small Time Bigger Than You Know One of the hardest hand to mouth hustles ever invented in this world of hard knocks is busking. No contracts, no off site gigs, just pure hat and more hat shows. I’m talking about hard cold cash you can count in a hat after a performance. The lightning […]

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Abbey Redux

No locked gate at the trailhead here at the Suharo National Park in Tucson. What part of “He’s a threat to national security…” do you not understand? Disgust is the automated bot game being foisted upon our citizens. There is a lot of suppression being played so they might tamp down on the outraged and […]

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Popular Vote Total

Mind the Gap 57,434,253 citizens voted for Democrats. 49,594,066 people voted for Republicans. There were 9,840,187 more votes for Democrats than Republicans. This is a 7.2% difference. We’ve heard what promises were made, what lies were told, what people would do if they won. We want preexisting conditions covered by health insurance companies. We want […]

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Spaceship Earth Protector

Democratic Party: 44.9 million votes Republican Party: 32.9 million votes There was a lot on last nights ballot and nothing was more important than taking back the House. About my Spaceship Earth Protector Credentials. I am an artist. I’m a creative. I was a success. I bought houses, had kids, got married-divorced-married, I’ve made money, spent money, had […]

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Two Hundred Miles Downwind

Tranquility as harbor Coffee, always hot black coffee. No cream and no sugar, no thank you. Still even with a cup of fresh brew the skipper and crew were both bone tired. Anchor was hoisted at the top of the day. Deeper water was found as we dodged the kelp taking a course south and […]

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April 15, ’18 Star Date

Over Under Sideways Down A full week ahead. Saturday at Harvey Milk’s Civil Rights Academy in San Francisco. More LA in the mix. A big shout out to the heroic work underway on our behalf and for the sake of this experiment in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You don’t want Sally Yates […]

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April 4th,’18 Anasazi Beans and Sonoran Mesquite Flour Feast for Fools

Welcome… if you click around you’ll find information about my shows and books. Buy a book, book a show. Be sure to surf my digital frontier and message me. The switchboards are open. Wheat-Barley-Rye-Buckwheat-Mesquite Flour  Food of the Desert Dwellers Beginning last August my wife and I embarked upon a gastronomic revolution. The idea was […]

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