The Bugs of the Sea of Cortez

Anchor holding in San Francisco off Bay View Boat Club. I spent the night on the hook. Here in 1980 I visited the club to attend a meeting of the Dinghy Cruising Association. The DCA trains sailors to cruise by dinghy. Sailing long distances, sleeping and eating aboard a 14’ sailboat requires considerable planning and […]

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Those Sucking Sounds

The Puzzle Solved I would be more comfortable with the trade negotiations now taking place if the titans of industry were bellyaching. I don’t hear them complaining about the labor provisions. I don’t hear them bitching about the environmental regulations they would have to obey. I haven’t heard word one about currency manipulation. What the […]

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Bachelorhood as Infrastructure

To Have Anything You Must Give Her Everything      “You peeling down into your French lingerie and your slick high-heeled cowgirl boots, I swear on a stack of Gideon’s, you don’t want a fair fight… Trying to ensnare me in my own weaknesses…. I know your kind; you’ll have nothing and nobody to blame but […]

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The Boar’s Big Oil Agony

We are ungovernable. We can’t do it. In other batshit crazy news you might have noticed that the decline of crime is being correlated to a decline in airborne lead levels. Take the lead out of gasoline and just like that you get a 70% decrease in violent crime. Who knew? The king is not […]

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