Abbey Redux

No locked gate at the trailhead here at the Suharo National Park in Tucson. What part of “He’s a threat to national security…” do you not understand? Disgust is the automated bot game being foisted upon our citizens. There is a lot of suppression being played so they might tamp down on the outraged and […]

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Still Earning My Stripes

Welcome to Wayfarer World Christina and Garrett are members of the Ventura Yacht Club. Garrett’s father had lived at the club since before he was married and started his family. Garrett was born, raised, and then had his own children and by fact of residency is the club’s most permanent fixture. Garrett has lived aboard […]

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Ode to Practicality

  Compact but Powerful Anti-Bucket Brigade Member Fixing toilets and bilge pumps is in the let’s getaway and go cruising deal. You want to go sailing then you want to become a crackerjack marine toilet repairman. You want spare parts and hand tools at the ready. When the time comes you want to make quick […]

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Diamond Studded Offshore Love Affairs

The Balancing Act— Sculptor Nancy Rubins Wilbur Ross looks like someone who would end up with the name Wilbur Ross. Why all these offshore bank accounts in Cyprus in partnership with Russia clients? Trying to keep up with the Paradise Papers and Sunday football is an unpleasantness. Needless distraction really. Paradise Papers on the front […]

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