Diamond Studded Offshore Love Affairs

Nancy Sculpture

The Balancing Act— Sculptor Nancy Rubins

Wilbur Ross looks like someone who would end up with the name Wilbur Ross. Why all these offshore bank accounts in Cyprus in partnership with Russia clients?

Trying to keep up with the Paradise Papers and Sunday football is an unpleasantness. Needless distraction really. Paradise Papers on the front page Sunday afternoon by Monday morning the tawdry tax dodging affair will be relegated to the back pages.

When the Queen of England needs to offshore her fortune you know that deck by Hoyle is in need of a better shuffle. There’s more cheating going on than there are congressional aids.

I’ve got a friend convinced that climate change is a racket. He’s telling me the government is colluding with the oil companies to force voters into buying insulation, electric cars and savings bonds for Polar bears.

It’s 100% guaranteed that the Central Intelligence Agency is seeding clouds and the Pentagon’s aiming radiation down from outer space with mirrors. The moon is a prop put in orbit back when Cole Porter was still something.

Trying to explain the con game pops circuit breakers inside the already cluttered minds of ordinary Joes and Janes. The jet setters who own international domiciles in Paris, London, New York and Tokyo don’t see citizenship as a duty. Like General Electric they are a globalized enterprise.

My high-net-worth-friends—— it’s all about tax shelters, the Cayman Islands and keeping your money undisclosed and offshore

Any good coming from tax cuts is as likely as a married man finding a lap dance being more inspirational to his vows than the old bride and the cold dinner waiting for him at home.

Sweeter than honey


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