Start Here (More Beginnings…)

  I’ve wanted this portal, my main link to the outside world to speak more immediately, about things that concern us both today. My main concern is that this evening is road dog night. Jump from downtown Los Angeles back up to Northern California. So there is that. But, what you have come here for […]

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Time is Slow-Eternity is Long

    Five hundred miles later I arrived in Ajo, Arizona pitching my tent first- answering questions later. My RV pull-through host didn’t disappoint packing a small sidearm while collecting my site use fee. “You’ll want to pack the tent and be out of here by 8.” His tone of voice allowed me to crawl […]

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Velocity of our Change

Jacaranda Petals Healing the Velocity of Life Out Loud… Long fiction, scene by scene, attempts to decode the workings of our ever smaller world. Politics, culture and commerce bombard our nervous system from the mundane to the uninvited digitized global events we view on our media devices. Individual freedoms in this interconnected phenomenal life are […]

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Grappling with the Tease

Where Words Live We are editing Women of the Oak Savannahs. I’ll miss the syntactical twists that must be removed, the favorite phrase that has to go. You come up with a fascinating vein, you milk it too long, you cut the clever idea back until from the twenty sentences you started with you are […]

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Comedy as Balancing Act

Comedy requires concision. As I’ve been building my story I’ve had to battle filling in enough narrative to make the mind’s eye see the scene while maintaining the pace of the story so as not to derail the momentum. It is a brutal dance of first building the chapter and then removing anything that does […]

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