Dancing with Each Day…

Wilderness in Alberta
Wilderness in Alberta


     Life is so precious. A member of my family came back to his room in Las Vegas last night and decided to take a shower before bed.  His beloved partner of the last 26 years collapsed and died in the hotel room while he was in the shower without so much as a sound. My Uncle Milton came out of the bathroom and found his life partner, his husband or wife, I am not sure they even knew, though I often guessed for fun and we’d laugh at that, but there without a chance to say goodbye went my Uncle Milton’s better half.

   It is so trite to say such things as this was the love of a lifetime, but it was. I was there when their love sparked its first clues. And so it goes the way this thing works, this life and way we have all found ourselves in. We get in a boat at birth and our instructions are to row off into the ocean of life where it is certain our boat will sink and we will finally meet our moments end. Do you welcome the rowing and this certainty into each moment of each day?

   It has been a weekend of unmasking trauma, deceit and warning signs. What to do?  A good delicious pint pulled from a keg in a pub in England seems so far away now. Steady as we go. Tomorrow a long day at the desk cleaning up those 50 pages, steady as we go, to the gym for juggling workout, steady as we go, make supper for my wife, steady as we go, keep our eye on the ball, row furiously, water is trembling with storms all around, and then it passes in the mind to wake up, take another deep breath and love with all your might as if it could come at any instant…

   Take care of those you are with. Keep an eye on each other. Work as best you can, but love with all you have. Who’ll find you in the end? Who will bend a knee to check for your breath?

   A writer and a juggler has somehow got to hold the real workings in life in some kind of tender embrace, some kind of cauldron of empathy, and wake up and work and love and be alive one more day…it is the ultimate fact as they say…to be alive.

   I’m grateful for one more day…and then one more day….who will bend on their knee for us at our end? Who will check on our fate? It is impossible to phathom the mystery…….. a Cooper’s Hawk soared past my window today and rocked on still wings around and just like that vanished from my sight. It all happened in an instant. Luck was I could be witness to the miracle. I saw a life soaring….on wings… soar winged hunter, soar dreams, dream big, live large as long as you can…. Take care of the wildest places inside of yourself, they offer the sweetest grasses, the most serene meadows, and pristine peaks. Be your own witness to how we are all bound by some common force…life. Sweet alive life.


Late Sunday Night from Telegraph Hill

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