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I’m back in the saddle. Laptop sited in my favorite location in my apartment. I gaze eastward out my windows toward the East Bay Hills from my place in San Francisco. My desk has on it two items. First, a freshly marked up manuscript from Teresa LeYung Ryan. I’ll take it down to the health club and study contents of her comments while on exercise machine. I’ll make some notes and take her mark ups to Vicki Weiland in the next few days and we’ll discuss Teresa’s ideas make whatever adjustments we feel wise and then………..move ahead. Looks like a signficant amount of work, but every passing now of the manuscript brings it that much closer.

Second, while on the road since September 17th I’ve been building the plot to the second novel. I’ve been working on this plot for about six months total. It is complete although it will go through revisions and refinement. It is a work in progress. Feels like I know more than enough to begin. Characters all have names and have been sketched out. Plotting is done. The timeline is complete. Everything I need to aim the story is in place. I’ll take my first swing today or tomorrow. Once underway it will be a relentless process of drafting without letting up. Unlike my last book this one will undergo editing as I proceed.

And last of all a glimpse from the last few weeks

Geneva self-portrait...
Geneva self-portrait...
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Kathy Healy
Kathy Healy
13 years ago

Glad I accidentally snitched your book! Now I can become part of the editing process. I really didn’t do it on purpose, but what luck!