Summit in Desert

Sonoran Desert Nearing Dusk


    On a hike at the saddle of a ridge this is what comes into view. I’ve been climbing this trail and rewarding myself with this sight now since my daughter Alana was first born. Canyon wrens claim their rock outcroppings as we pass. Ravens soar above on the updrafts near the peaks. Small sparrows vanish into the brush. Coyote scat steams on the trail. And the beauty of life is that your work keeps moving along even while away. I’m am proud to announce the official arrival of my first rejection letter from a literary agency!

     I got this gem while away on tour. It was a fabulous jaunt into the southwest. In my corner came two more readers who’ve not just read my novel but recommend it! I calculate that with this first notice I am now one more agency closer to an acceptance letter.

     I think we can all now relax and enjoy the fact that nothing comes easily, that we all work for everything we get, every peak we climb, every book we write, every opportunity we take to ask the world to allow us in, so we might add to the dance, one more fragment to the totality of what it means to be alive…

    Now, I’ll get back to submitting to more agencies, and enjoy the journey of asking the world for what I want.

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