Storyboard on Wall…

Bankrupt Heart Storyboard


     The plotting is done. Off to editors for comment. Chapter One drafted but will revise, refine, until we get the elements of the story and characters alive on the page. And then I’ll proceed to write the next 28 chapters arriving at what I estimate to be a novel of 100,000 to 110,000 words. This trains leaving the station and expect this drafting to be completed by October. Tinkering after that into some bracket of time, another three to four months. Finished by the end of year would be superb, but I am afraid I am not likely to be capable of going quite that quick. We shall see.

     I’ll begin plotting for the next book somewhere in the middle of finishing my second novel. At least the bones of ideas for the third.

     I’m very excited… I can feel this story’s life within me now…

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