Change for the Better

     Technological innovation seems to push our change buttons. Some changes seem to be headed in the right direction. Other changes seem to be creating unexpected new problems. Shuffling you digital music while driving, trying to have a conversation with someone while they are playing with their smart phone, or trying to decide whether to buy a printed book or the electronic version all present the beneficiary with potential new problems. I’ve been interested in the tension between the emerging technologies and the artistic innovators who are trying to adapt the new digital devices and grow their audience. It seems all of these new innovative digital toys are opportunities and distractions. They are both. Finally, we find we must change the way we do things just to keep up. The tyranny of change in this ever faster changing technological world force us to experience change as having a velocity. And then at some point, I think we all feel it, we find ourselves just exhausted by all the different ways this wave of change just washes over our world. Some of what we do is scaled to the rate of our minds ability to think through an issue. This can take time. Sometimes I like speed and sometimes I like to take my time… a good book, a long sail, a glass of wine while enjoying a setting sun. Here is something I’d prefer not be changed.

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