The Quite Changable Hidden Love Life

A City that Lover's Love...

Married and monogamous is one  status. Single, sexually active, dating more than one person a second possible  circumstance you face in life. You are young and inexperienced, you are older  experienced but perhaps due to age lack the opportunities you once enjoyed.  Authoring fiction requires knowing something about what happens to all these  kinds of people. Privacy in matters regarding lovemaking is appreciated. But,  as an author trying to understand the world that lover’s play in requires  getting a third hand account of something done in private between two  consenting adults. I am interested most in how sexuality helps a person, how  they love more, if they do love more, how they sustain interest, how they  understand how long term relationships and sexuality evolve over a longer time  horizon. I am pretty sure I know how my single friends feel about a fling, but  I am much less certain that I am getting good insight into the sex lives of  people who are in long term relationships.

 Leslie had a way of making good tips by
casually sharing her fine form with the customers on the other side of the
counter. Just bending over to pull a bottle of beer out of the ice chest was
cause to give a man a moment of pleasure. There was no harm caused by any of
this. She didn’t mind the guys giving her the eye and the men appreciated the

Highway Home

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