Controlled Change….

Get A Grip on Yourself

Do we control change or does change control us? Do we blend our reaction to the forces of change and alter its possible more serious outcomes? Is it our lucky day, is it the fact his number was up, did we do everything we could, but even that wasn’t enough? It is odd that our actions have a positive and negative attraction or repulsion. It is a mystery how synchronicity seems to extend beyond our ability to know why it seems to work when it does and why it doesn’t work when it doesn’t. We can’t manifest synchronicity we can only witness it. Internal controls seem
to have a huge impact upon external outcomes. Dreams can come true…….they can happen to you………..

June leaned against the kitchen counter
holding her spatula in one hand. As usual she was in her denim pants, boots,
cotton shirt with pearl snap buttons, and she had her hair pulled back into a
ponytail. She pleasured in watching Noel eat. Something was right in the world
when she was feeding a man with a bright sun rising over the mountains out east
and the promise of another day unfolding.

Highway Home

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