Places Change Could Not Change

Walking on Changed Ground

Working in Monterey County two weeks ago I spent my off hours walking the streets of Pacific Grove. The housing stock was built back at the turn of the last century and into the decades that followed. The fog shrouded Monterey pennisula continues to draw people where imagination is ignited by the communities many charms. Fast foward two weeks and here I am in Turlock, California in the Central Valley situated approximately halfway between Sacramento and Fresno. Monterey is expensive while Turlock is the low cost leader in the valley. Last nights Stanislaus County Fair set an all time attendance record while we are on watch on default row waiting for collective political action on the nations business. Crops look good here, and ag biz is what here is all about. I drove through the  western side of the valley yesterday. The orchards charm while some dusty hubbles of homes and businesses ache with a well formed bleakness. Leaving the safety of the smart and sophisticated urban sanctuaries for the rough and tumble of American reality can frame change in ways that only change when it is in your face can do…

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