Plymouth 2 San Diego The Ship

All Your Eggs in One Basket...

The container ship HR Constitution has left Plymouth and I’ve got her position by way of AIS (automatic identification system via Marinetraffic) just passing south of the British Virgin Islands. Ship is making 14 knots toward Panama some 450 miles to the west. Ship will be there in 100 hours. Then the vessel will transit the canal and up the Pacific side to San Diego arriving by October 20th. I was reading Latitude 38 and it was there I learned that the entire fleet of AC 45’s is packed aboard this one ship. There are 8 teams. Divide 110 containers by 8 boats and that works about 11 containers for each team. I have been trying to wrap my mind around the necessity of having 11 shipping containers to support such a diminutive racing catamaran. Even after adding tools, spare parts, computer wizardry, chase boats and personal floatation devices I’m still having a bit of trouble coming up with a team coming up with enough equipment to fill 11 shipping containers. Racing at this level is audacity. Ordinary restraint upon the imagination will not be sufficient to this task. “Think big and give it class,” Cecil B DeMille came up with that line. Seems to be not just true of movies, but of every kind of act of imagination.

Bankrupt Heart                          The Second Novel 

Something about purpose that gets a man’s juices flowing. Project like this fills a mind with planning. There was a new project, unexpected surprises. He had seen drawings of what his boats hull looked like, but this would be Ry’s first opportunity to see her out of the water, to see her lines, her shape, what condition she was in. He sat down with his yellow pad and pencil and began making a list of the tasks he’d face, tools he’d need and the supplies to buy. Ry began imagining that Jasmine would soon be set loose from her dock and that her sails would be hoisted, the windwould blow, and she would sail. It had been such a long haul. One task at a time; and with that task now completed itwas the appropriate moment to begin to plan for the next.

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