Prayer at Sunrise before the Masts

At Dawn Upon the Gateway to Paradise

Here at the Emeryville Yacht Harbor just a stones throw from downtown Oakland site of the horrific riot by police that sent an Iraq war Marine veteran to the hospital where he was being treated to a traumatic head injury when what seems to have happened is a tear gas canister shot at the Occupy Wall Street Protesters by the Oakland Police Department collided with his head.

Not one banker arrested for the world wide meltdown induced by their crimes yet the 99% of us who stand up to them are gathered up by mass arrests. What is so pathetic is that all of this is that as the middle class has undergone three decades of abuse while the masters of our economics and politics have flirted with policies that they knew put at risk the stability of our democracy. You have to have a robust, sizable, functional middle class, of robust size and with reasonable opportunities to sustain and build upon the successes we enjoyed since we last escaped from the brutality of the original Great Depression.

So, does anyone believe that we can enjoy a future based upon allowing the financial system to remain under-regulated… and all of the
other nonsense that seems to be part of a long list of failed policies. Most of the solution is through a path of getting big money out of politics. That won’t happen without a long struggle. Game looks on…

I walked Lacey this morning. It is serene here. There is peace. Floating on the surface were three Western Grebes. I love these birds. I
adore watching them hunting, diving for small fish. They are beautiful. All of this beauty, all of this wonder, this great country, all put at risk by the implementation of the wrong policies by a kind of human being that can not bring themselves to share the loaf of bread. Humanity is all of us, all of us together. I’d recommend the top 1% join the rest of us so that we can get to work building a better world.


two go have a walk. I’m going to stick around shoot the breeze with Mike, he’s
our resident scholar; I enjoy listening to him solve the world’s problems.”

            She found Ry’s comment irresistible
bait. “Not worth it. The world as we know it probably came to an end today.”

            “Good thing I bought a boat,” Finn

            She continued. “Lehman filed for
bankruptcy in London
this morning. Market tanked today.  Guy I
work for looked worried.  All I know is
when my boss looks worried, probably a good time for everyone to worry, but
then that would be a perfectly awful waste of a perfectly delicious bottle of

            “I’ll try and put my drinking to
better use,” Ry said, sitting back down on his stool.

            Ry looked across the bar at Mike.
“You didn’t tell me the market plunged today.”

            “Looks like everything went down
today.” Mike said. “Where’s Finn off to?”

            “He’s off on a little trip to
heaven. Thought I’d stick around and enjoy a little more of this hell.”

Bankrupt Heart Copyright © 2011 by Dana Smith

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