You Talking to Me?

A Place to Fight For Not A Place to Come for a Fight

Here is our nation’s best known asylum for the rhetorically ‘toxified practitioner’ of the fine art of heated speech.

I walked the Presidential portraits at the National Gallery. Nobody was around so I spoke to them about our nations present moment, how Congress has by its own hand driven its approval ratings to the lowest approval ratings ever recorded!

I have driven my personal approval ratings down to similar levels but that was never nationwide, it was only in the opinion of a girlfriend. My girlfriend was in a parliamentary system and once the vote of no confidence was asked for the gig was up.

Democracy as practiced in our representative system doesn’t allow for the immediate dissolution of a government and so we are stuck with our leaders until the next regularly scheduled election. This means we have to sleep together in irreconcilable difference until then and that is not a pretty pajama party we are learning.

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I was down on K Street today for lunch. The guy next to me is reading Roll Call, the local in the beltway newspaper covering all things political. I found out he’d helped the R’s impeachClinton.

It was fun. He’d tell me something completely silly and I’d tell him something he would never believe in a million years. Still we both enjoyed sleeping with enemy. I thought I’d almost got him eating progressive alternative energy nostrums right out of my hand like a tamed bird.

Capitalism is a big concept.WashingtonDCis a town where people decide what to do with money. More money for this and less money for that, depending on this or that you can find yourself on the wrong end of the ‘this or that’ receiving line.

So, there you have it. Just that simple and wouldn’t you know it just when we really needed our elected representatives to down to work we send a pack of newly elected representatives with the democracy skills of dictators to try and untangle our Great Recession mess and to ease the pain of our citizens.

We could not have picked a worse moment in our history to turn our government into this knotted, ill-tempered, uncompromising stalemate. Every single President I spoke to at the National Gallery yesterday agreed. Take my word for it. These guys know what they’re talking about.

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